No more lost paperwork!

Our solution consists of a web application and a mobile application.

The mobile application stores the list of deliveries your agent needs to do and allows them to complete each delivery, recording and capturing information as needed on the electronic document(s). It allows the field worker to complete one or more electronic documents and receive a PDF copy of each.

  • The PDF contains the captured information and includes GPS timestamps and electronic signatures (if required) and photos.

  • We can push this information back into your CRM system, or  you can view the information and PDFs via our web application.

  • Everything is GPS time stamped providing a full audit trail and accountability for the work completed on site.

If you wish to send delivery information to your field workers via our web site, we can customize a wizard for your team or administrator to send the agent instructions and electronic forms to complete. Alternately they can have the electronic forms available on their phones and complete them when needed in an ad hoc fashion.

When we demo to you, we prefer to use your current paper job card so that you can get a real-world feel of how the FieldMetrix will work with your job cards.

Here are some sample screens from FieldMetrix

The driver or field worker is sent delivery or customer address information and is able to link to Google to get directions to the location.


The field agent will complete the electronic form(s), as in the example below.

(Each form is customized to the information you need to capture for your business)


The field agent can have the electronic forms available on their device (Android phone) for ad hoc use in the event they need to work offline.

Calls can also be sent from our web application and stored for offline use (across border).

The list of forms below are for demo purposes. Your list would reflect your electronic forms.


The field agent can capture electronic signatures from customers:

and take photos of documents or barcodes. The Honeywell devices have built in high speed scanners.
From our web application Google maps allows you to view the location of your field agents and assign calls to the nearest agent.
Click the first column to locate the field agentClick the second column link to "zoom" into the user on the map. This does use a map impression which incurs a charge.Refresh the map when needed. Users' positions are shown up to the minute (provided they are logged into the FieldMetrix mobile application)


Using FieldMetrix to create electronic job cards

Our software allows businesses to provide proof of service without an extensive IT infrastructure.

You can manage and monitor the progress of work by field service technicians. No more lost paperwork!

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