About FieldMetrix Cape Town, SA Founded March 2009

FieldMetrix was founded by Derek and Carole Mitchell in 2009.

Carole started her career at Old Mutual as a developer and worked as a consultant to Hewlett Packard in the US. She has a deep knowledge of SQL Server and extensive Xamarin Android expertise. In addition to managing our development projects Carole is the "client whisperer" ;)

Derek started his career as a management consultant at Ernst & Young and EDS but realized after several years that he was a "techie" at heart. In 2001 he started one of the first Pocket PC development focused web communities called DEVBUZZ.COM. He consulted to Microsoft as a Systems Architect focusing on integrating Windows Mobile solutions with enterprise systems.

In the years that followed what started as a hobby became a full time job and Carole joined the team. DEBUZZ.COM became a boutique consulting shop and for seven years we concentrated solely on Pocket PC / Windows Mobile development. The majority of our consulting revolved around field based data capture using Windows Mobile devices. Data was captured on the handheld device and then sychronized to a back end database (SQL Server). Synchronizing data from devices to servers using limited or intermittent internet connectivity is not a trivial exercise and we developed a wealth of expertise on the different approaches available to do this using .NET.

FieldMetrix is the embodiment of all our Windows Mobile and .NET development expertise and is based on our Devbuzz Background Technology (DBT) platform which was completed and deployed for several pharmaceutical clients in 2008. FieldMetrix leverages our combined expertise in deliverying near real time data from Android devices to a centralised workflow management tool.

FieldMetrix consists of the following components:

  • A mobile Android application for capturing work performed on site
  • The FieldMetrix web portal for monitoring the progress of jobs
  • The background synchronization technology which handles the device to server communication
  • A high performance API that integrates with Sage, MS Dynamics and Heat

Smooth the transition to paperless for your field technicians!

  • Eliminating paper in the field reduces the associated data entry and administrative requirements.
  • Results are available in on our dashboard providing immediate access to critical information.
  • Fully hosted solution so you don’t have to worry about hiring any new IT staff.
  • Users can work offline, results will sync when connectivity is re-established.

Want to work with passionate developers?


Our software allows businesses to provide proof of service without an extensive IT infrastructure.

You can manage and monitor the progress of work by field service technicians. No more lost paperwork!

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